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Hostile (2022)

Britain has reached a crisis point
3 Nov 2022

The Erie Situation (2021)

As climate, politics and agricultural interests collide, the health of Lake Erie - and that of its local population and wildlife - hang in the balance
26 Oct 2022

Behind The Swedish Model (2022)

Behind the scenes and deep within the Swedish Government, following the decision-makers in their controversial fight against the Covid-19 pandemic
20 Oct 2022

Someone's Daughter, Someone's Son (2022)

One act of kindness can change a life
20 Oct 2022

Duty of Care: The Climate Trials (2022)

The story of Dutch lawyer Roger Cox, who took on his government and Big Oil in landmark court cases on catastrophic climate change
19 Oct 2022

Terminal Stage (2020)

Accompanying 64-year-old cancer patient Tamás in his final days
17 Oct 2022

The Thousand Gates of Filippo (2022)

A gifted autistic artist with a memory bank of gates and doors
17 Oct 2022

As Prescribed (2022)

Investigating the benzodiazepine epidemic
14 Oct 2022

Erasmus in Gaza (2021)

Riccardo, a final-year medical student in Italy, is going on Erasmus. Destination: Gaza
13 Oct 2022

Apart (2021)

Three women return home from prison and rebuild their lives after being separated from their children for years
10 Oct 2022

Long Live My Happy Head (2022)

A Scottish comic book artist with a brain tumour uses his art to communicate his experience of cancer
10 Oct 2022

Words of Silence (2022)

French soldiers based in Rwanda during the 1994 genocide stand accused of raping the women who sought refuge with them
10 Oct 2022

Live Till I Die (2022)

A tender and powerful portrayal of the highs and lows of living long, and giving and receiving care in later life
6 Oct 2022

My Name Is Siri (2022)

An inspirational story about resilience, a mother's unconditional love, and a family determined to create a better life for their daughter
6 Oct 2022

Solstice (2022)

When 15-year-old Mary died by suicide, her parents were met with shame and stigma. They refused to be silent
6 Oct 2022
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