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Global Health Film Membership 

Understand the world’s injustices through award-winning films, discussion and networking

What exactly do our members receive?

🎬 Full and free access to ALL live-streamed online events

Global Health Film proudly premieres impactful, game-changing films followed by expert discussions and audience contributions to build an informed audience. With an average of six such events per year, our members are among the first to see these films and take part in those discussions when they are streamed live and exclusive on our platform.

Tickets for these events are normally priced at £9.99 each.

🎬 Weekly curated on-demand service

Every week Global Health Film selects a thought-provoking and highly informative film from its recent archive that you can access for limited time on-demand, at a time that suits you.

Bonus content for each film will include:

  • access to previous panel discussions and interviews 
  • fully updated resource packs of suggested additional reading and viewing
  • plus a highly-interactive livestreamed Q&A session with the film director to update you on recent developments and future plans

Normally costing £5.99 per film, all are entirely FREE on the membership.

🎬 Full back catalogue of all event panel discussions

This invaluable opportunity to watch again any of the discussions Global Health Film has held, between experts and activists in the field following our live screenings, will provide a depth of insight into how change can be made, that cannot be found anywhere else. This is the essence of what Global Health Film prides itself upon, bringing together great minds to forge a way ahead, discussing solutions and areas for further research. 

Members get access to every single panel discussion we have hosted, plus the corresponding resource pack. Full of links to additional viewing, listening and reading, such as scholarly articles, official reports, and TED Talks on the subject matter, the filmmaker’s website and other work, information on how to get involved in wider campaigns on the issues raised and news articles discussing the topic globally.

Access to this back catalogue is not offered outside of the membership.

🎬 50% discount on all in-person events

Including all passes, single and bundled tickets to join our Annual Global Health Film Festival. Where in addition to live screenings of groundbreaking new films, attendees can be part of the audience for live panel discussions, meet likeminded people in networking events and get involved in focus groups and impactful actions. Members will be invited to exclusive ‘members-only’ events during the festival, such a film pre-screening or a drinks reception where filmmakers will be in attendance. This same fantastic discount applies to all our other non-festival, in-person events too!

🎬 Free online access to the Global Health Film Festival

Unable to make the festival in-person? Members all receive completely free online access to all the scheduled events at our annual event. Allowing them to dial-in and live-stream every film we present and every panel discussion we host, getting the very most out of this exclusive event.

The full access online pass is normally charged at £55.00.

🎬 Priority booking

For both online and in-person events, we open our doors early for our members, ensuring they always get the passes and tickets they want.

🎬 Filmmaker Discount

Especially for the filmmakers in our membership, a member-only 25% discount on submissions to the annual Global Health Film Festival.

🎬 Getting vocal in the Audience Awards

Every single member is invited to vote in the Global Health Film Festival Audience Awards. Voting on the films that had the most impact, recognising and celebrating the amazing work our filmmakers do.

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Why join the Global Health Film community?

As a not-for-profit organisation, Global Health Film could not operate without the support of our members. They are a vitally important part of the work we aim to achieve.

Their support is not only monetary. Members are invited to get involved in discussions around topics, join the fight for change from a grassroots standpoint.

We need our members to help spread the word about the issues we’re bringing into the spotlight, to ignite those around them with the same passion they have for making the world a far better place.

In return for all the priceless support our members bring, we offer ALL our online events FREE OF CHARGE, including exclusive content, and member-only screenings and discussions, PLUS the opportunity to network with likeminded and engaged people, who truly want to improve the world around us.

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Everyone is welcome

The Global Health Film membership is an amazing space full of health professionals, storytellers and activists. All looking to find better ways to serve their communities. Often inspired by situations they have found themselves in, or by issues that have been raised by those around them. They find community and education at Global Health Film which empowers them with knowledge and provides the tools to make change. Access to such invaluable research, contacts and organisations that will further enrich their area of study and expertise.

But, the membership is by no means exclusive to those within the medical field, changemakers come from all walks of life, after all, without diversity how can we spread the message for change?

The common denominator among all our members is the deep-seated passion for the care and wellbeing of everyone, and the desire to make improvements to the world we all live in.

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"What I found most enlightening in joining the Global Health Film community were the panel discussions, where academics, filmmakers, protagonists, policymakers, health professionals, and students joined from all over the world to discuss various issues tackled in the films. I learnt a lot just from watching films, the lived experiences of protagonists, hearing the opinions of experts and people from various backgrounds, and being constantly challenged by different perspectives and interpretations. 

These exposures helped me approach my studies and my current work with a much more critical, open and interdisciplinary mindset that I hope to continue developing with Global Health Film."

Aimée Wolff, Global Health Film member

Amazing value for an awesome cause

When added together, the standard membership will provide a massive annual saving of more than £325, and that’s before we take into account all the member-only access provided too!

So, what are you waiting for? For such a small annual subscription, you will receive so much as a valued member of Global Health Film AND you’ll be supporting the leading charity in the field of medical and health education, social impact and change.

Reduced subscriptions are also available, see below for more details.

Global Health Film membership: coming next 

Next month we will launch a member-only LinkedIn group to maximise opportunities for our community to network, showcase their skills, experience and current projects, and get early / exclusive access to additional content, such as pre-recorded and live interviews and discussions.

Global Health Film is registered in England and Wales under charity number 1179829 and company number 10436509. Registered address: 10 Queen Street Place, London, EC4R 1BE
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