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When The Shifts Change (2020)

Directed by Lauren Anders Brown, series of five 30-min episodes

World Premiere

Self-recorded confessionals by New Yorkers working during the Covid-19 pandemic as they explore the highs and lows of being essential workers. Directed remotely by Lauren Anders Brown.

Episode 1: Introductions

We meet our Essential 8: Neiko, sanitation worker; Eric, subway conductor; Angelica, maternity nurse; Brad, letter carrier; Carlos, a conceirge; Syed, a doctor, Tom and Ally both ICU nurses.

Episode 2: Zoom Funeral

Ally gets cursed and spat on and Brad faces discrimination. Tom supports a grieving co-worker and Neiko disinfects everything.

Episode 3: Man's Best Friend

Manny, a police officer recovers from Covid-19 and joins the cast, Eric shares his greatest fear. Angelica fails to comfort a Covid-positive mother. Tom struggles being separated from his family. Carlos shares how he's managed social isolation.

Episode 4: Likes For Diapers

Syed talks protests, and whispers  "I Love You." Ally hears a symphony of medical machines and Angelica works on a newborn ward with no diapers. Neiko says you can't tell New Yorkers what to do. Manny talks about the crime happening behind closed doors during Covid-19.

Episode 5: Rainbow

Tom misses his sons' birthdays. Manny drops off Angelica at work where she and Ally "Don't Stop Believing." Eric wonders if it was all worth it. Brad shares about a special 7pm shift change celebration.

Episode 5 had a live World Premiere on Saturday 05 December followed by a discussion between director Lauren Anders Brown and some of the cast; here's the replay:

Lauren Anders Brown website

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