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African Apocalypse (2020)

A young man’s epic journey across Africa in search of a colonial killer
21 Oct 2021

Medicine Man: The Stan Brock Story (2020)

One man's mission to heal a nation
20 Oct 2021

The Cost of Cobalt (2021)

Cobalt may be part of the global solution to climate change; is it right that DRC's next generation pay the price for clean energy with their health?
18 Oct 2021

The Kitchenistas (2021)

Latina immigrants in California advocate for healthy food traditions to change communities and transform lives
9 Oct 2021

Ushiku (2021)

Seeking asylum in Japan, detainees at the infamous Ushiku immigration centre speak out in secretly recorded interviews
8 Oct 2021

Your Mum and Dad (2019)

From the moment we are born we play a role. Is this role enforced on us by our parents or is it the direct consequence of their behaviour?
8 Oct 2021

And Outside Life Goes On (2021)

Five regional hospitals shut down in Switzerland to make way for a super-hospital. How will this affect patients and staff?
29 Sep 2021

Green Warriors: Coal in the Lungs (2021)

A team of scientists and journalists sets out to search for evidence of air pollution
27 Sep 2021

On The Line (2020)

Every year, over 100,000 Mexicans are deported by the US administration. Many however, have grown up or built their lives in the United States.
27 Sep 2021

Shadow Game (2021)

A journey through the dark side of Europe with teenage refugees as our guides
27 Sep 2021

Dear Future Children (2021)

Three young women in Hong Kong, Chile and Uganda cope with the staggering personal impact of their political activism
22 Sep 2021

The Cancer Conflict (2021)

What do you trust when your life is on the line?
22 Sep 2021

Congo Calling (2019)

In crisis-ridden eastern Congo, three European development aid workers are forced to question what it means to help
21 Sep 2021

Dying To Divorce (2021)

What would you risk for your freedom?
21 Sep 2021

Men Who Sing (2021)

A male choir, with an average age of 74, competes for the first time in years
21 Sep 2021

Priya's Mask (2020)

World Premiere; live event Wednesday 02 December 19:00 GMT
29 Nov 2020

Doctors of War (2020)

Live event Friday 04 December 13:30 GMT
22 Nov 2020

I Am Belmaya (2020) Nepal Premiere

Live event Saturday 05 December 09:45 GMT 15:30 Nepal Time
22 Nov 2020

On Our Doorstep (2020)

Live event Friday 04 December 19:00 GMT
11 Nov 2020

Welcome to Chechnya (2020)

Live event Sunday 06 December 19:30 GMT
2 Nov 2020
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