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Unseen Enemy (2017)

Directed by Janet Tobias, 98 mins 

Sunday 19 July 2020 19:00 BST plus panel discussion

Unseen Enemy, which featured at the 2017 Global Health Film Festival, is an essential exploration of the reasons why we are experiencing a rash of diseases that were once only outbreaks, but have now become full-blown epidemics. This increased risk that we face, and the ways society and individuals can work together to reduce that risk, are demonstrated through the case studies of three epidemics: Ebola, influenza and Zika. 

Moving across the globe, we meet doctors, disease detectives and everyday people who have stepped into the horror of an epidemic and emerged deeply changed. Epidemics bring out the best and worst of human behaviour, with effects reaching far beyond the tolls of sickness and death. What these epidemics have made clear is that we are woefully unprepared for a major pandemic.

The panel discussion was moderated by Andrew Jack, Global Health Film Advisory Board member and global education editor for the Financial Times, writing on educational issues around the world and editorial lead for the free FT schools programme. He was previously head of curated content, deputy editor of the big read section, pharmaceuticals correspondent, and a foreign correspondent in France and Russia.

Andrew was joined by:

Janet Tobias, director of Unseen Enemy; Janet is an award-winning film-maker as well as Founder and CEO of the Global Health Reporting Center

Mark Smolinski, President of Ending Pandemics - and a protagonist in Unseen Enemy

Heartfelt thanks to all three for a most interesting and informative panel discussion which you can see again here:

Unseen Enemy trailer

Unseen Enemy website

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