Thanks to generous support from United Nations University’s International Institute of Global Health, we are delighted to announce a new annual £10,000 Planetary Health Film Prize to be awarded for the first time at this year’s Global Health Film Festival on 11-12 November at the Barbican, London.

Scope of prize

Films that focus on challenges to human health, and the health of human civilisation, within human (political, economic and social) systems and natural systems, and clearly identify solutions that can be implemented at a local or global level.

Subject areas could include the health impacts of:

  • Degradation of natural systems
  • Climate change and biodiversity loss
  • Air, water and soil pollution
  • Population growth and urbanisation
  • Food security and malnutrition
  • Spread of vector-borne and zoonotic disease

The £10,000 Planetary Health Film Prize will be awarded to the film that sets out the most compelling case and call to action.

The call to action could be an advocacy, education or other impact initiative. It should be carefully budgeted with achievable, measurable milestones.

The prize could be used to fund a discrete element within an existing advocacy or education initiative, or impact campaign – or to further develop an existing plan

Films that fall within the scope of the prize will be shortlisted from submissions and invited films and asked to complete a short application form to be returned by 30 October. The prize will be announced at the Global Health Film Festival on Saturday 12 November.

Scoring criteria

Shortlisted films will be judged by a panel of planetary health experts and film-makers; criteria will include:

  • Scientific credibility
  • Strength of planetary health messages
  • Creativity and innovation of call to action
  • A carefully considered budget
  • Evidence that this £10,000 prize will make a tangible and meaningful difference


Submissions are now open and will close on 15 August.