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GHFF2020 test screenings

As part of our support for global health film-makers, we are running a series of test screenings within this year’s Global Health Film Festival programme. Each screening will be followed by a 40-minute discussion and audience feedback, moderated by a leading figure in global health film documentary.

The three films we have selected are scheduled for release in early 2021:

Stranger At Home

Directed by Beth Dolan and Luis Remesar, 25-min excerpt

Wednesday 02 December 17:00 GMT

The US Military’s policy on combat-related psychological trauma has remained unchanged in nearly 100 years, despite significant advances in the diagnosis and treatment of such pathologies.This policy has resulted in a mental health crisis which increasingly devastates not only those in active service and veterans, but also their families and communities.

After the screening, there will be a 40-min audience feedback and discussion session moderated by Mark Galloway, executive director of the International Broadcasting Trust.


Unsavory Times: A Chef's Pandemic Journey

Directed by Brian Kimmel, 30 mins

Thursday 03 December 17:00 GMT

A restauranteur in Portland, Oregon, reinvents his business to adapt to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Twenty-six years ago Greg Higgins opened the doors to his eponymous restaurant in Portland, Oregon.  At that moment, he became a pioneer in the farm-to-table movement. His work with local farmers and as a chef helped put Portland on the map for foodies across the nation. 

Now in the middle of a pandemic, Greg is looking to reinvent his restaurant business; Eat It 2020 charts how a small, independent food business just might adapt and survive the worst economic disaster of our lifetime.  

40-min audience feedback and discussion moderated by Catherine McCarthy, chief executive Medical Aid Films and Global Health Film Advisory Board member.

Once Años (Eleven Years)

Directed by Emily Wright, 40 mins

Friday 04 December 17:00 GMT

Once Años (eleven years) ago, Anyi enlisted into an armed rebel group deep in the Colombian jungle, and her life changed forever. As she takes her first step towards freedom, she reunites with Adriana, the mother she hasn't seen in over a decade, to confront the secrets of the past.

This lyrical film charts their battle to transcend the trauma of history: to forgive themselves and each other. Over five impressionistic chapters, it paints a multi-layered portrait of violence through it's "unwomanly face", and shows that the cycle of war exists in the place we least expect it: the home and the family.

40-min audience feedback and discussion moderated by Peter Broderick, President of Paradigm Consulting.


If you would like to take part in one or more of these test screenings and help shape the final product through your feedback, please register below and we will be in touch with further details.

Stranger At Home - Weds 02 Dec 17:00 GMT

Unsavory Times - Thurs 03 Dec 17:00 GMT

Once Años - Fri 04 Dec 17:00 GMT

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