Global Health Film Fellowship 2017

Are you a health advocate? Do you want to learn how to make global health films? 

We are looking for health advocates with little to no experience in film, to join this year's cohort of Global Health Film Fellows. Film fellows will come from a wide variety of health backgrounds, working in either academia, medicine or global health. 

Film fellows will participate in four workshops, run over two weekends, where they will learn various skills to make a short global health film, including:

  • learning how to use the camera
  • practising taking shots in public
  • learning how to create a storyboard
  • conducting  interviews for their films
  • learning how to edit their content
  • putting together footage to create a short film

The Film Fellows will work in teams to produce short (3-minute) global health films that will be screened at the 2017 Global Health Film Festival, taking place on 08-09 December at the Barbican. Training will be provided by our partners What Took You So Long?

The full-day workshops take place over two consecutive weekends in London. The dates of the workshops are 16-17 and 23-24 September; you will be required to attend all four days and to be available during the intervening week for 6-10 hours to work with your team to make the short film. Please ensure you are available before submitting your application. 

Draft programme

Saturday 16 September
Morning Session
Introduction to each other and the course
Know-how practical 101
Action practice 

Afternoon Session
How to create a storyboard and script for your video
Know-how practical 
Outside tech practice
Shooting b-roll 101
Action practice b-roll

Sunday 17 September
Morning Session
Reflection on Day 1
Finding and utilising reference / inspiration videos
Deconstructing videos - group interactive
Story / Interview techniques
Set up and break down IVs (inside setting)
Sound basics

Afternoon Session
Outside run & gun and IV practice
Interview ethos
Do’s and Don’t - WTYSL style
Interview discussion - group interactive.
Review of Tech and IV 101

Saturday 23 September
Morning session 
How to import / software 101
Edit 101 - importing and structuring footage in Final Cut Pro X
Multicam clips, synching and editing IVs
Selects and transcriptions

Afternoon session
Organising b-roll
Music basics

Sunday 24 September
Morning session  
Review - course so far - what have we learned?
Getting back to story and viewing your video as a whole 
Reviewing the steps to an easy production
Cinematography and editing tricks and tips to make your video shine

Afternoon session
Review, Q&A, and action based on group decision of what needs more time/work
Watch rough cuts

To apply for a Film Fellowship, please submit your CV to and complete the online application form by midnight UK time 27 August 2017.

Please note: Film Fellows will be responsible for their own accommodation and travel to the workshops if they are out of the London region. 

Feedback from 2015 and 2016 Film Fellows

"The guys from What Took You So Long were amazing!"

"An enormous privilege and a huge amount of fun to be part of and I really do hope the fellowship scheme receives funding to continue to host global health film fellows in the future."

"I loved how practical it was; also how ambitious, without taking any time to think about the possibilities of failing! Also a really interesting and kind group of people to get to know. Loved how collaborative the film projects were."

"By the end of the final workshop, it felt like we had known each other for a lot longer than a week!"

"The tasks on the first weekend to film scenarios was a great, practical way to learn how to use the camera and sound recording equipment - far more effective than learning theory in the classroom."

"The training was absolutely incredible and inspiring, led by some of the most fascinating and kind people. Definitely feel like I've made great friendships too which I hope to work together of future projects."

"I was incredibly excited about the opportunity but the experience and the training well exceeded my expectations - it was a fantastic and most importantly really fun experience."